Nikki & Alastair's Engagement Shoot, Loch Drunkie, The Trossachs

I recently fell in love with a new and unexplored area of Scotland, near Aberfoyle. I have Nikki and Alastair to thank for this as they wanted their engagement shoot to take place within a stones throw of their new home, Gartmore.

I met them at their rented cottage for a chat about their wedding over a coffee before going off to do the shoot. Although they've now lived in the area for over a year, we still managed to venture into a part of The Trossachs they had never been to, always exciting! We took Dukes Pass just beyond Aberfoyle and turned onto the Achray Forest Drive. The main thing Nikki and Alastair wanted was to be captured together in this beautiful landscape. I also knew that they wanted some lovely pink heather to be featured too. With that in mind and my love of textures such as tree bark and pine cones, we stumbled first upon a fantastic viewpoint with Loch Drunkie stretched out in front of us. It was truly breathtaking.

We found a number of different spots along the way and the weather didn't disappoint either as I placed them as naturally as possible in the area they both love.

Once we had finished the shoot we took a trip to Gartmore Village where not only is their new house situated, but is also the location of their wedding. They're currently completely renovating an old house which will soon become their new home and they took great pleasure in showing me the old place, I'm a stickler for old buildings. Then it was off to the Parish Church and Village Hall together with a quick walk around the village looking for some nice spots for photos.

We ended the day with a meal at The Forth Inn in Aberfoyle which proved to be the perfect end to an amazing day spent with a fabulous couple. Here is a small selection of what I captured that day.