Tara & Ciaran's Engagement shoot, Glasgow

Saturday morning, the day of Tara and Ciaran's wedding and only then did I realise when sharing one of their engagement shoot images on my Facebook Page that I hadn't actually blogged their engagement shoot! How on earth did that slip through the net as it was awesome!

Tara and Ciaran live in the Gorbals in Glasgow and they mentioned that they would like some photos taken of them both in the Gorbals Rose Garden as they love spending time there and walking the dog. It would be just our luck that it was slightly overgrown at the time we chose to visit, but still, it was a nice space to be in. But we needed something more, so they suggested the Southern Necropolis which was an ancient graveyard! However, there was something strangely beautiful about that space, it was perfect.

Here are a collection of images from the day.