Sugar Sheds

Kirsten & Doug's Engagement Session: Sugar Sheds, Greenock

It's been a while since I did a shoot down at the Sugar Sheds, but my oh my, what a building. So many gorgeous colours and textures to shoot against, love it love it love it! And believe it or not, the weather was absolutely horrendous with heavy rain and wild winds sweeping through. Kirsten and Doug were freezing but braved the elements regardless.

See a full slideshow from their engagement session below including lots more images.

Gayle & Rob's Engagement Shoot at The Sugar Sheds

This shoot seems so long ago now given that Gayle and Rob are now married! But what a perfect place for it given that Rob works just across from the Sugar Sheds in Greenock. I love this place so much as having grown up in Liverpool, it's a building not too dissimilar from those in my  home town and with a similar history too. Its rustic brick walls reveal lovely colours and the huge cast iron doors make a fantastic backdrop.

I had so much fun with Gayle, Rob and their son Robbie. How glad was I that Robbie came along as he showed his mum and dad how to pose and was constantly telling them what to do! His cheeky smile filled my camera with some fab images and just made me realise how much I love what I do.

Here's some of those images for you to enjoy. Watch this space for their wedding which will be featured here very soon.