Eryn & David's Engagement shoot, Largs, Scotland

Having three children myself I know fine well just what life is like to err...have three children! Life is busy and making time for an engagement shoot seems an impossible task. Whenever one of my couples have kids, I always offer to include them in the shoot so it works as a kind of mini family shoot too.

And that's just what I did with Eryn and David. We went to a lovely local play park in Largs which the family knew well. I wanted them to have fun together as a family with lots of laughs, smiles and giggles and that's exactly what happened. Arryca, Reyd and Hyden had so much fun and I just allowed them to be themselves and run wild, well Reyd and Hyden did anyway! Arryca did what she did best, sit, smile and laugh!

I then took Eryn and David to the far side of the park whilst the kids played on the swings and kicked a football about (don't worry, little Arryca was looked after by Eryn's sister). It's always very difficult to show your emotions (and by that I mean your love for somebody) in front of a camera once you've already lived with each other for a number of years and had kids. But Eryn and David took to it like a duck to water. Twenty minutes of peace and quiet and being child free, time to breath and just be themselves.

Here is a small selection of the images I captured of them all.