scottish history

Ardgowan Estate, Scottish Wedding Venue

Ardgowan Estate is one of the most magical and fascinating places I've ever visited. And it's a stones throw away from where I live! A few months ago I was invited to meet Sir Ludovic Shaw Stewart who gave me a quick tour of the place. It would make the most amazing wedding venue with so much to explore, more details about that right here.

I recently returned with my camera where I was given the freedom to explore. I walked into many of the grand rooms that looked out on to the estate. I was completely in awe of the place as I unearthed many of its hidden treasures that revealed some of its history. I ventured outside and stood at the door to the ruined chapel, imagining the people who once walked in and out of its grand entrance. Through the gardens, across the lawn and through the woodland. Ardgowan Estate has a heartbeat that's ready to come to life again and is about to begin another exciting journey. But right now, explore with me through the collection of images I captured. (oh and if you scroll to the bottom, you can see some aerial footage shot with a drone of the estate, amazing stuff!)

Aerial film by Quantum Altitude Vision