grumpy cat

Choose your attitude

Sometimes we wake up feeling crap about ourselves which then rubs off on to the day ahead and we end up having a crap day. We have a crap day because we woke up thinking we were going to have a crap day.

Sometimes we wake up with a spring in our step with a huge can do attitude and we have a kick ass day where we're extremely productive achieving two days work in just one day.

A long long time ago in my corporate blue chip company days, I remember doing one of 'those' courses/workshops. But what it taught me has stuck with me ever since. When you wake up in the morning, you have to choose your attitude. By doing so, it will directly influence the type of day you'll have.

Now I'm always extremely sceptical of all that kind of jazz, but it's true. Sometimes if you wake up feeling crap, by taking five minutes out of your morning routine and choosing you attitude, you can sometimes overcome all the negativity and turn it into a positive.

Don't get me wrong, even I have down days. And when I do, I tend to be quiet online, keep myself to myself and just battle on through, because when you're self employed you just have to. I'm an extremely positive person, but sure, I have down days. You can't possibly be positive all of the time. I have rants. I have moans. But I try and moan a little less than I used to these days, refusing to become a stereotypical 'grumpy old man'!

Most of the time though, I try my best to remain positive about things. And whenever I'm feeling positive about myself and what I'm doing, I think it's really important to rub some of that positivity off on to somebody else. Because everybody could use some positivity from time to time.

So if you're feeling a little low today, due to the weather, due to life's problems, due to whatever the hell has landed at your feet today unexpectedly, don't worry. Either have a down day and go and hide yourself away and come back fighting tomorrow, or choose your attitude to overcome today.

Yesterday I took photos of lots of cats. So below, you have 'grumpy cat' and you also have 'get out of my face' cat. You can be either, nobody will mind.

Happy Friday everyone.