Lorraine Wood Flowers: Ohhhh that smell!

I was recently commissioned to photograph some behind the scenes shots at Lorraine Wood Flowers' Workshop.

It's one of those jobs where I punched the air once it was confirmed. I'd usually do that anyway about any shoot I'm excited about, however, there are two reasons I was even more excited about this. Firstly, Lisa from Palompo PR had her part to play in having this shoot done which would in turn help her to promote Lorraine's business. Plus she was there on the day and is awesome to work with. Secondly, I'd done a couple of shoots for Lorraine in the past, the second time was at her workshop which was brand spanking new then. So it was good to know what I was going into.

My favourite types of shoots are when I get the freedom to tell a story. In this case, it was all about capturing a variety of scenarios that set the scene for Lorraine Wood Flowers; images that would portray a behind the scenes look into what goes into creating the amazing floral displays that you can see on Lorraine's website; workshop images to help promote the fun that can be had by being able to create your own bouquet; and a glimpse of Lorraine in her stunning consultation room meaning you get a real flavour of the environment you'll meet Lorraine to discuss ideas and colour schemes.

In a nutshell, being able to provide imagery to help a small business make lots of noise about what they do is amazingly rewarding.

Ohhhhhh and that smell! Walking into Lorraine's workshop on a Thursday when she has a full stock of flowers ahead of a busy weekend of weddings = WOW! The smell just envelopes you into a place somewhere far from where you actually are. You have to experience it to believe it.

Find out more about Lorraine's forthcoming workshops here.