Karen & David's Wedding, Carnbooth House Hotel, Glasgow

Nothing do I love more than waking up on the morning of a wedding I'm about to photograph and seeing bright skies with the odd bit of sunshine (not too much sun mind). And today was just that. Another good reason for the weather being great is that it creates even more excitement among the bride and her family and they're ever so slightly more relaxed. This was the case when I arrived at the house where Karen was getting ready, together with her bridesmaids and parents.

Of course there's always that awkward 'where do I look' when I point the camera at people getting ready. My immediate task though was to find some nice textures in the garden and the odd colourful flower to use as a surround to photograph the wedding dress and the shoes. Karen's mum and dad were adamant I wouldn't find anything, but I think I surprised them.

It wasn't long before I set off to St Mary's Church in Kirkintilloch to see David, his son Liam and of course David's best man Kieran. After a few photos I let them gather their nerves and greet their guests. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Mark Johnston who has to be the most down to earth, funniest and most accommodating person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I spent half the ceremony wondering what on earth two Domino's pizza boxes were doing sitting beneath the big table, until finally Mark produced them to make a joke about how David had interviewed Karen and subsequently given her the job at the local Domino's Pizza! It's fair to say also that Mark rocked the Ceilidh later that evening!

Earlier in the year I had visited Carnbooth House with Karen and David and back then there was still snow on the ground. It was hard to imagine what a bright June day would look like, but we weren't disappointed. Lots of lovely colours and greenery and textures to work with when we went off to explore for some photos.

The beauty of having such a lovely bright day meant that the wedding guests mingled both indoors and out on the decking. With so much laughter and many emotions going on, it was a delight to float around and capture it all taking place.

So Karen and David, thank you so much for having me share your fabulous wedding day with you and to all your family and friends who made me very welcome. Here is a small selection of what I captured for everybody to enjoy.