Quarriers Village, the perfect setting

When I was asked if I could recommend a location for a family shoot recently, after looking at their locations where they lived, there was no other option than Quarriers Village. Having once worked in the Village for many years, I had embarked on lots of lunchtime walks and so it's fair to say I know it very well.

I parked up expecting to see Dawn and her family. It turned out they were all cowering behind Sommerville Weir Hall, home of Three Sisters Bake. Why? Because when you walked around to that side of the building, it was immediately clear that you were then sheltered from what can only be described as an Arctic wind. So everybody was slightly chilly and we hadn't even begun yet!

We started on the bridge, but I could see how cold everybody was so I made a quick decision to head down by the river, out of the wind and therefore out of the cold. It was to prove a wise decision and the sun shining did help lift the mood in the camp.

With so many nooks and crannies to choose from in Quarriers Village, every shoot I do there is always very different from the last. And this was the first time I'd done a family shoot down by the river!

Here is a small selection of what I captured that day, I particularly like the shots of the two girls with their dad. Maybe one day my own daughter will still love me this much in years to come.