Carys & Dan's Engagement Shoot

I'll always remember the excited look on Carys and Dan's faces at the end of our first meeting. Needless to say I was delighted when they told me they wanted me to photograph their wedding! Imagine a very tall guy jumping high, punching the air and exclaiming a Tom Jones style "Yeah" (well, maybe not the Tom Jones bit).

The day of their engagement shoot seemed so far away for so long, but finally it arrived. We decided to meet up in a cafe where we drank coffee, had a bite to eat and talked all about the wedding plans so far. Then it was time. I took a nervous Carys and Dan to Queen's Park in Glasgow. The thing I loved about this shoot was the fact we had nothing scripted and nothing planned, we just walked through the park and explored, stopping every time I saw a place with Carys & Dan in it.

The result? Some gorgeous images displaying the love that Carys has for Dan and that Dan has for Carys. Memories of a time they were together before they walked down the aisle.

Good luck on your wedding day Carys and Dan, I cannot wait to spend a fabulous day with you both!