Ruth & John's Wedding, Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond

I was so pleased when John got in touch asking me if I could photograph his wedding. I'd played football with John a couple of times many moons ago and I regularly play football with his brother James. His sister Anne Marie is best friends with my sister in law. So one of those weddings where everybody knows somebody and we're somehow connected. I don't know why, but that made me even more nervous than I already was (I get nervous before every wedding!).

Ruth, John and their children Francesca, Charlie and Ethan live and work in Dubai. A far cry from the damp day we had in Scotland for their wedding day. Because of their location, there was no time to do an engagement shoot but I was still keen to meet them all a couple of days before the wedding as I'd not met Ruth and the kids.

Their wedding day arrived and so off I went over the Clyde in the general direction of Loch Lomond. I spent a couple of hours with Ruth and her bridesmaids, capturing them getting ready along with details of her dress etc. It was very grey and drizzly and I was hoping for a little break in the weather by the time their reception arrived. Then back over to Port Glasgow for the wedding at St John's for the ceremony, a little damp but nothing too bad. We then all went back over to Duck Bay Marina for everybody arriving to drinks and canapés. It was wet outside. And cold. And in my head I was saying to myself "give me a break please" to the weather gods. When in this part of the world, with Loch Lomond and a jetty, you want a spell of dry weather for the couple, it's really not much to ask is it?!

Low and behold, we got a break in the weather just as I finished the family group photos indoors. Right bridesmaids, it was time to man up (or woman up), we were going outside! On to the jetty we went, with gaps between the planks and high heels, it was an experience. Then from somewhere, brighter weather arrived and we got some lovely shots, hurray!

This wedding finished on a high as the wedding band The Jiggers struck up a Ceilidh. Always a laugh as you get those who haven't a clue what's going on and those who get right stuck in to it. So many laughs, funny faces and hilarity ensued which just made me want to stop what I was doing and join in! 

Here is a selection of what I captured for Ruth and John's amazing day for you all to enjoy.