Jayne & Paul's Engagement shoot, Glasgow

I had been looking forward to this shoot for so long. A few years ago, Jayne and Paul had booked me for a couple's shoot, long before they were planning a wedding. So I was really pleased when the day finally came to meet up with them both.

Prior to the shoot, we drove out together to Airth Castle to catch up over a coffee and talk all about the wedding plans. It was so nice to catch up with them again. We also took the opportunity to go and take a look at Solsgirth House together, the venue for their wedding. It's great to look around a venue with the couple as they can let me know their thoughts and what they're seeing and vice versa.

It was soon time to begin the shoot and we decided upon Speirs Wharf in Glasgow, a lovely old mill of some kind beside the canal that has been developed into posh apartments. The only downside is that is was soooo windy! It was really hard to find any kind of shelter, but we managed and we ended up with some lovely images.

At the time of writing this blog, Jayne and Paul are due to get married this coming Friday at Solsgirth House and I cannot wait. Here are some images from the engagement shoot for you all to enjoy!