Sloan's Wedding, Glasgow

Isa & Ross’ Wedding Story

Don’t get me wrong, I love every wedding I photograph. But I do love the small and intimate ones and Isa and Ross’ wedding was just that. The absolute closest people in their lives that they loved very much, together in a cool place to witness them get married. Perfect! Sloan’s just has that lovely warm and intimate vibe about it with lots of little nooks and crannies to explore. Which is good as for Isa and Ross, they relished the opportunity to disappear for a while, just me and them. A breather is always welcome on any wedding day!

The great thing about Sloan’s is that it’s attached to the Argyle Arcade and if you have a quiet word in a certain ear, you can have access to it once the public have gone home and it’s all locked up. Uh huh!

Here’s a hand picked selection of images from Isa and Ross’ wonderful Sloan’s Wedding day for you all to enjoy.

I got quite emotional when I opened it up. Thanks also for the engagement photo prints and the chocolates (my favourite kind).

We are very grateful for everything that you have done to help make our wedding a very special time.
— Isa & Ross

Isa & Ross’ Awesome Wedding Team:

Venue: Sloans
Cake: Isa’s mum Susan!!
Flowers: Anne from A&E Flowers
Dress: True Bride
Band: Real Easy
Celebrant: Susan Douglas-Scott
Make-up: Linda Arbuckle
Hair: Lynsey from Love Hair

A Scottish Wedding at Ardgowan Estate

A west of Scotland Stately Home Hideaway

Ardgowan Estate Wedding 1

I can count on one hand venues across Scotland that truly deliver from a wedding photography point of view. Ardgowan Estate doesn’t disappoint and is included in that list and should definitely make your shortlist of venues when you come to planning your own wedding.

Below is the kind of thing that I will create for a wedding at Ardgowan Estate. I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but if you’re interested, scroll to the bottom where I’ve selected a few images and explained what I’m looking for and/or how I created the shot.

Some background behind the images


The library

I always try to avoid using flash if I can help it. I moved a big old arm chair to face the huge window here to make the most of the huge amount of natural light. I also switched a lamp on in the background to retain some ambient light. The result is some lovely skin tones.


The stairs

Most photographers have done the big wide shot of the main staircase and why not, it’s spectacular. I wanted to focus on the colours - the stairs, the walls, the bannisters and the light bouncing off the dress, flowers and brides face.


Tree Swing

Who doesn’t love a tree swing?! Located in the beautiful private gardens of the house, this swing was erected by the BBC for the filming of their Agatha Christie drama Ordeal By Innocence. Nice of them to leave it up.


Main Staircase

Probably the shot I’m most proud of. The light in this image travels from three floors up from the sky light dome, illuminating only half of this sofa. It’s all I needed and I was later told by the owner that no other photographer had used that spot.


The walkway

The history of Ardgowan House is so interesting. This was an old covered private walkway for the family to get to their chapel, now in ruins. The windows used to be internal windows! I can’t help but get lost in my thoughts imagining the people who used to walk here.


The bench

A small bench within a cutaway hedge, the perfect place to get lost and have a break from the main wedding, yet only 30 seconds from the main house. The light in this space is so nice too.

So there you go, some insight into the amazing spaces around Ardgowan Estate and I’ve only touched the surface. There are so many places to explore in and around the main house. Fancy joining me for an adventure and immersing yourself in some Scottish history for your wedding day?

It’s worth pointing out that the images you see above where all created by myself with a fantastic small team of people. I wanted to showcase the lovely spaces in and around Ardgowan House that were the complete opposite to the classic look of a stately home. Here’s the team who were part of it.

Venue - Ardgowan Estate

Wedding Blog - Braw Brides

Flowers - Briar Rose Flowers

Wedding Planner - Fin Flükra

Wedding Dress - Flossy & Dossy

Hair/Makeup - Kim Boyd

Grooms Outfit - models own

Jewellery - Fire White Jewellery

Models - Real life couple Jen and Jack, who aren’t even models but did a fantastic job here.


Anne & Dave, Dalduff Farm Wedding

Anne & Dave’s Wedding Highlights

Cottiers Wedding, Glasgow

Nadia & Marty’s wedding story

On what was quite possibly the coldest day of the year with a wind that cut you in two, Nadia and Marty got married at the amazing St Peter’s Chapel in Glasgow’s west end. I couldn’t stop looking up at the ceiling inside! Located just a short walk from Cottiers meant we did exactly that, take a short walk up the road.

Nadia and Marty were determined to have photos taken outside, despite the cold. I’m not sure their family agreed, but they carried on regardless and just got on with it, brrrrr.

{fact: Marty’s brother was the priest who married them both!}

Here’s a selection of images from their wonderful wedding day.

Thanks so much for yesterday Marc! We were so comfortable around you and the photos are exactly what we wanted.
Incredible! We absolutely love them! Thanks so much for capturing our day so perfectly. I properly relived the day watching the slideshow.

Nadia & Marty’s awesome wedding team:

Church: St Peter’s Chapel
Venue: Cottiers
Flowers: Betty Bluebell
Cake: Three Sisters Bake
Dress: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique
Band: Brotherman
Hair: Sian Bannon
Makeup: Marisa Brown
Film: One 3 Media

Blairquhan Castle: Scotland Wedding Venue, Ayrshire


Every now and again I’ll take some time out to explore new places, just me and my camera. Recently I was invited to Blairquhan Castle in Maybole, Ayrshire and given full access and the freedom to roam. It’s the best way to do it as there’s no time pressures and I can take my time to walk the corridors, explore the basement and stand and admire all the little details.

Blairquhan Castle didn’t disappoint. Standing in the places where servants worked and the Hunter-Blair family once walked, it gave me a chance to lose myself in my imagination. If you want to know a bit more about the history of the castle, you can here.

The main reason for my visit though was to explore all the areas where I would take a wedding couple, both inside and out. The castle is so vast and there’s plenty of spaces to choose from. Then there’s the outside with it’s quaint little courtyard and stable buildings. Taking rustic to the next level. Below are a collection of images I captured which will hopefully give you an insight into what Blairquhan Castle has to offer, especially if you have never been.

Join me at the Blairquhan Castle Wedding Open Day on Sunday 28 October. More details here.