Laura & Dave's Wedding

Welcome to Laura and Dave's dedicated bit on the web where you'll find their journey leading up to their wedding day using words and pictures. Scroll down to discover a slideshow from their engagement session, the best images from their wedding and also a link to the full wedding gallery. But first...

I already knew Laura and Dave through my sister in law Julie. I've had the pleasure of joining Dave on the football field and was on the receiving end of some amazing HR advice from Laura. They also took on the role of best man and bridesmaid at Louise and Marc's wedding last year where I captured them in all their glory. I was completely blown away when they asked if I would photograph their wedding. I was extremely excited, but deep down I was a nervous wreck! This usually happens when I photograph people I know, you wouldn't have seen any nerves though, I hope. So through some words, but mostly pictures, this is their little wedding story.

Their engagement session


Sometimes it's a struggle coming up with the 'perfect' location for an engagement session. For those who don't know, this is a little couples shoot I do with all of my wedding couples prior to their wedding day. It gets rid of any nerves or anxiety they may have when having a camera pointed at them, so a little practice run through.

I needn't have been worried as Laura suggested we go to the area around The Barrowlands. Laura and Dave love their music and love going to gigs together, especially at The Barrowlands. We met up for a quick cuppa and went over lots of details for the wedding before venturing out on to the streets, which today, would be packed full of football fans walking from Parkhead together with lots of people in fancy dress who had attended some sci-fi exhibition. But we explored and found the most amazing settings - the gorgeous turquoise tiles which were part of an apartment block, the famous market, The Barras sign and of course, The Barrowlands itself! Blue skies and an illuminated Barrowlands sign, this shoot did not disappoint. Here's a little slideshow of what we got up to.

The Wedding

Laura and Dave are the luckiest people I know when it comes to the weather! As you can see above, they had blue skies and sunshine for their engagement session. It was exactly the same for their wedding day, the hottest day of the year in fact. Arriving at Laura's parents' house that day, the atmosphere was full of excitement and happiness. Watching them all get ready and chatting away before the party of their lives - superb! The flower girls were on top form and their dresses were out of this world, the best I've seen without any doubt. It was especially nice to be able to see Laura in her dress and for her dad to enter the room and see his daughter standing there on the day of her wedding, a proud moment every dad who has a daughter wants to see.

And so the day continued with smiles everywhere you looked. It was an incredibly happy wedding day like no other and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. But the one lasting memory I'll take from Laura and Dave's wedding was during Dave's speech. His poignant words as he described somebody who came across as being a hero, the most incredible person in Dave's world, his Granda. A story of an adventurous and well travelled life from a proud as punch grandson. Awesome scenes!

The day ended as much as a party as it began with, a full dance floor wherever you looked with everyone dancing for their lives! Here is a slideshow containing the best of Laura and Dave's wedding day, I recommend watching it on a big screen and turning the volume up for maximum effect.

The Wedding Gallery

If you've reached this far, you're doing really well and thank you for taking the time to watch the slideshows above, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them. But now for the finale, all the images from Laura and Dave's wedding day.

You'll only be able to access them if Laura and Dave have provided you with the password.

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If you attended this wedding then I hope at some point we chatted. If we did, it was really lovely to meet you and I hope you didn't mind me taking your photo, whether whilst you were enjoying a drink on the patio or if you were part of the family groups. I would love to hear your experience of me photographing the wedding, you can do that by clicking that button down there. Thank you.

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