I love music. It's the one thing that can take me away from everything and forget about the world.

When it comes to first dances at weddings, I'm always intrigued as to what song a couple have chosen. I've heard everything from cheesy chart music to amazing acoustic songs. Only once have I had to ask what the song was because I loved it so much. Below is a collection of songs that you might not have heard but which may inspire you when choosing the song to accompany your first dance or any other part of your wedding day. Enjoy!

Tobias Jesso Jr - Without You (recently discovered this as of June 2015)

Breaks Co-op - You're My Lady (one of my favourites)

City & Colour - Northern Wind (the song I had to ask about)

Edwina Hayes - Feels Like Home (a really slow one)

Guillemots - Redwings (another slow one, turn it up and close your eyes)

The Maccabees - First Love (trust me, it's not a soppy one, it's got get up and go!)

Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love (she sounds nothing like she sings!)

Tom Odell - Grow Old with Me (popular guy just now as he covered Real Love for the John Lewis Christmas advert!)

Below is what a dance floor should look like - full!