Sunday Times Bestselling Author Sarah Vaughan

When Sarah first got in touch, she was nearing the launch of her first book 'The Art of Baking Blind'. She knew she needed a website and a blog to go along with it as she was keen to keep her readers updated.

Once we got talking we realised the blog would take centre stage. But the first impression needed to be to promote her new book and so we chose a template to make the most of that.

I don't think Sarah will mind me saying this, but she was a bit of a technophobe and the thought of managing her own website was a little overwhelming. But once I talked her through the Squarespace content management system, she realised how easy it was. And most importantly, the ability to not only write new blog posts but to also publish them herself was key.

Since Sarah's website launched around two years ago, she has gone on to have two other novels published - The Farm at the Edge of the World and more recently The Anatomy of a Scandal, a top 10 bestseller!

Sarah is fortunate enough to have her publishers marketing and PR teams at her disposal and it's great to see them make full use of her website including adding a moving video visual for the home page banner.