New Website: The Lovely Kitchen Door Company

That's right, websites! If you missed my first post about the fact I also build websites for small and passionate businesses, then you might want to take a look here.

Although it's been a while now, I built a lovely crisp and clean website for a brand new business called The Lovely Kitchen Door Company. In essence, instead of going to the expense of having a brand new kitchen fitted, you can simply replace the doors with a whole new look and feel but that's just the start of it, they also offer new appliances, handles and work surfaces etc. 

They had a main supplier who built everything, they had flyers to deliver to peoples homes but they didn't have any online presence whatsoever. The key objective was to create a web presence  to work for them 24/7 where potential customers could get in touch. I also helped them set up a Facebook Page too.

The key to their new website was to keep it very simple with the overall aim of generating new enquiries. It creates a great first impression, tells you a bit about the company and briefly explains exactly what they offer. You'll also find calls to action making it very easy to get in touch.

With The Lovely Kitchen Door Company, I worked with them to create the content (text and images), establish a domain name and set up a company email address e.g.

You can explore the new website here:

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