Hey, I'm Marc and this is my story...

I'd like to tell you a little bit more about me as I think it's important when choosing the person who's going to spend a lot of time with you taking your photo. I have three adorable rascals, Adam (8), Oliver (7) and Isla (3). My wife Gillian is my rock and together they are my reason for being. Without them, all this wouldn't be possible.

Massive thank you to Dougie from Leading Lines Photography for taking this.

Massive thank you to Dougie from Leading Lines Photography for taking this.

Fun facts:

  1. I’m very tall. No seriously, you may get a sore neck if you stand next to me.
  2. Bring me peanut butter and jam on toast and it’s highly likely I will do anything you ask of me.
  3. I’m known to a local coffee shop as ‘Mocha Man’, but I can be easily swayed by a caramel latte.
  4. I’m a cat person. Two to be precise, jet black brother & sister Millie and Koshka. I'd love a dog one day, but don't tell the cats! UPDATE: Two have become one, we lost Koshka in November 2015 :-(
  5. My mum named me after Marc Bolan from T-Rex. 


My dreams:

  1. I want a beautiful, bright and colourful office. This began by wanting a lovely outside office at the bottom of the garden, then the 'Candy Cabin' came along for the kids. Hurumph. I'm always on the lookout for a lovely space where one day I'll base myself. It'll include a desk and a soft, comfy, leather sofa. And most importantly, a coffee machine!
  2. I'm hoping to buy a VW T4 so that I can spontaneously go and explore the hills and lochs with my little family. There's something about the thought of waking up on a Saturday morning and venturing to a place we've never been to. Eating, sleeping and breathing the fresh air all from the comfort of the T4. This blog inspires me every week to do just that > www.vdubvanlife.com (I want a T4 like that one day)

And finally, here is a collection of my favourite photos from my Instagram feed of my little family that bring a smile to my face, mostly taken with my iPhone. I've also thrown in a few that I took with my proper camera.